Tracing the Steps

By Fiona Delaney

Dance, at least the kind that created by choreographer John Scott of Irish Modern Dance Theatre, is a bit like a computer system. It requires synchronization and relies on repetition and sequencing of variables. When staged ‘in the wild’ scalability, performance and resilience are prerequisite.

And as for user interactions…. they’re unpredictable!

Source: @OriginChain. John Scott’s Actions with Kevin Coquelard and Mufutau Yusuf.

Tracing the Steps @CESIConf was a unique collaboration between arts, education and technology companies: Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Irish Computer Society, and Origin Chain Networks alongside networking organisation BlockW.

The workshop included excerpts of ‘Actions’ by John Scott, performed by Kevin Coquelard and Mufutau Yusuf. Insight into blockchain and how a peer-to-peer network achieves consensus was provided by Fiona Delaney, CEO, @OriginChain Networks. 

The audience took on the role of data providers, creating and sharing media online using the #TracingTheSteps to tag their posts. Gathered below is the content. We publish it here using blockchain-based to forge a permanent record on the EOS public blockchain.

Click the green square at the bottom of the page to view/verify the blockchain records.

This workshop was supported by Irish Tech Week 2020.

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