‘Actions’ on the Blockchain #TracingTheSteps

By Fiona Delaney The team from Origin Chain Networks,  Irish Modern Dance Theatre, BlockW, Irish Computer Society and Irish Tech Week 2020 were technologists turned tutors for the ‘Tracing the Steps’ workshop. The inverse of our audience – who are all educators incorporating tech into their classrooms. We had a lot in common, finding resonances between…… Continue reading ‘Actions’ on the Blockchain #TracingTheSteps

Blockchain Workshop at CESI Conf 2020, Athlone IT

By Fiona Delaney In a new partnership between arts and technology organisations BlockW, Irish Computer Society, Origin Chain Networks and Irish Modern Dance Theatre a unique interactive presentation of blockchain technology will take place at the CESI Conference in Athlone IT on February 29th 2020. Tracing the Steps workshop is supported by Irish Tech Week 2020. BlockW seeking to bring something fresh…… Continue reading Blockchain Workshop at CESI Conf 2020, Athlone IT