Blockchain Workshop at CESI Conf 2020, Athlone IT

By Fiona Delaney In a new partnership between arts and technology organisations BlockW, Irish Computer Society, Origin Chain Networks and Irish Modern Dance Theatre a unique interactive presentation of blockchain technology will take place at the CESI Conference in Athlone IT on February 29th 2020. Tracing the Steps workshop is supported by Irish Tech Week 2020. BlockW seeking to bring something fresh…… Continue reading Blockchain Workshop at CESI Conf 2020, Athlone IT

Tracing the Steps Enquiry 2019

By Fiona Delaney Dance Attribution – Tracing the Steps  Exploring the role of distributed technology in creating a record of attribution and archive in the realm of professional dance. Distributed Ledger Technologies have the potential to provide a trust layer to digital information systems. This is achieved via a network of peer-to-peer distributed nodes that…… Continue reading Tracing the Steps Enquiry 2019

Digital Divide

What is the Digital Divide? Its the gap or divergence between those with access to devices, battery, bandwidth, networks and knowledge to connect and navigate the internet and those who don’t. The Digital Divide can be analysed by country, demographic and educational achievement. It can be contrasted between men and women, between city and rural…… Continue reading Digital Divide